Faye Dobinson

  • Artopia London Faye Dobinson Surprise is the surplus value 2013 Oil on panel
  • Artopia London Faye Dobinson Fertile void 2013 Oil on panel
  • Artopia London Faye Dobinson Arterial route 2013 Oil and bitumen on linen
“Between stimulus and response is a space, In that space lies our ability to choose our response, In that response lies our growth and freedom”. Viktor Frankl

The seam that runs through Faye’s practice is process: her outward impulse to give form to a reaction to something that has captured her imagination.

Recent works have been meditations and investigations of architectural spaces that she has immersed herself in and the forms they took have been paintings, drawings, site- specific pieces and film. Using different materials and her process, she lets the spaces unravel around her and reveal their details and idiosyncrasies.

Faye’s paintings have their own take on place and the spaces we inhabit- not just attempted renderings of landscapes, through time they become spaces of colour and varying marks to be viewed, wandered around and explored; places with their own inbuilt histories and energetic ebbs and flows.

Faye Dobinson is an established artist working from her studio near Penzance.


– 2013 ‘Drawing the Line’. Millenium Gallery, St Ives.
– 2013 Newlyn School of Art Tutors’ Show. Newlyn.
– 2013 ‘Suspended Sentences’, Newlyn.
– 2013 Porthmeor Studios, St Ives.
– 2013 ‘Fiat Lux’: Limbo, Truro.
– 2013 ‘The Dark Rooms’, Helston
– 2013 ‘Painting Show’, Bucca Gallery Nerwlyn.
– 2012 ‘Drawing Show’, Bucca Gallery Nerwlyn.
– 2012 Vyner Street, London.
– 2012 Degree show, Falmouth.
– 2011 Red Dot 2, Falmouth.
– 2010 Red Dot, Falmouth.
– 2010 Hi 5 Collective Pop Up Gallery II, Truro.
– 2009 Hi 5 Collective Pop Up Gallery I, Truro.
– 2009 Walls Gallery, Amsterdam.
– 2007 The Sweet Tea House, London.
– 2006 Rossi and Rossi Ltd, London.
– 2006 The Sweet Tea House, London.
– 2005 The Zanazabar Museum of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
– 2005 The Gedun Choephel Artists Guild, Lhasa, Tibet.
– 2004 The Blue Sun Contemporary Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
– 2003 Adams Street, London.
– 2003 Eltham College, London.
– 2001 Second Floor Studios Gallery, London.
– 2001 Time Gallery, London.
– 2001 Second Floor Studios, London.