George Morgan

  • artopia london George Morgan Smitten 2012 30x30cm oil on gesso
  • artopia london George Morgan Dance like a Dervish 2013 oil on gesso 30x30cm
  • artopia london George Morgan Hold Me in Your Hands like a Bunch of Flowers 2013 42x42cm oil on gesso
  • artopia london George Morgan Sky is clearing 2012 30x30cm oil on gesso
  • artopia london George Morgan Stoop to touch and kiss the flowers that bend 2013 oil on gesso 30x30cm
  • artopia london George Morgan You cant Give your Heart to a Wild Thing 2012 42x42cm oil on gesso
“I make small oil paintings on handmade panels primed traditionally with a gesso ground, which I prepare myself. This is a laborious process; first rabbit skin glue in the form of dry granules has to be soaked in water then heated and mixed carefully with the correct proportion of whiting; 12 coats of this solution is then applied thinly and evenly onto the panels, each layer being left to dry completely then sanded smooth before the next. This is not a technique I’ve always used; I began to get bored of painting onto panels simply primed with a synthetic white primer – I found they possessed a hardness that was difficult to paint onto and unpleasing to the eye. So I tried working with gesso and have not looked back. I am no expert and continue to try and learn more about the process, but I love the fact that it’s a traditional process and I love the organic nature of the materials – the creamy, imperfect aesthetic, the smell, the way the paint adheres – its softness and absorbency. I feel that making substrates in this way provides interest not just in the painted surface but the whole panel as an object.

Exploring a particular theme by painting a series of slightly varying compositions is something I don’t do; rather I make batches of paintings in which accumulated feelings and visual stimuli materialise in unique compositions that can be appreciated individually or as part of a group”.

George is currently based in Bristol UK, where he has his studio at Hamilton House. He graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2008, subsequently winning the Midas Award that gave him a year’s free occupancy of a large studio at Krowji, Cornwall. The year commenced with the Midas Award shortlist exhibition at Newlyn Gallery and culminated with a solo show at Millennium Gallery St Ives as part of the 2009 Midas Award. During that year George gained the recognition of Badcocks Gallery, where his paintings in group exhibition One Year On were a sell-out. Shortly to follow were several further exhibitions in Cornwall including George’s first solo show at Badcocks in 2010, BIG SKY, and The Picture Room at Newlyn Gallery, 2011. He has had work included in the Battersea AAF most years since graduating and been involved in several group projects across the country. Since living in Bristol, George’s artistic career has branched out of Cornwall, gaining exposure in and around Bristol as well as other areas nationally and internationally. In 2012 George had 9 paintings included in Bath Contemporary Summer Exhibition, he also had his work shown in Byard Art, Cambridge and most recently had 12 paintings included at Stockholm AAF 2013. Aside from painting, George works with adults with learning disabilities and is a keen gardener, walker and cook.