Jessica Everitt

  • Artopia London Jessica Everitt Green Hemispheres  A3 A2 mounted Watercolour
  • Artopia London Jessica Everitt A Walk To Remember A3 A2 mounted Watercolour
“My Intentions have been to use ‘landscape’ as a vehicle or a doorway through which I can depict something – Namely, an infusion of place, memory, imagination and reality. I have wanted to go beyond landscape into something less representational, more fragmented and ambiguous, for me at the moment only through this ambiguity can there be something ‘beyond’ the seen.

The Images you are see are have been made upon the back of a cornucopia of concerns, memory, questioning of reality, dystopian and utopian idealisms, and dissatisfaction with everyday life, my own and the worlds. These were my influences in making them, however tame they may or may not appear in the physical realisation of these themes.

My own happiness is tied up somehow within these images, ask me to untangle these things and the whole thing would unravel, but I am not sure that I could explain it to you.

Landscape or Natural Landscapes have been used to and can often represent or explain life, through them we can depict our own versions of reality, here are mine.”

Jessica grew up in North Yorkshire and early influences on her art direction included her course director at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College and the Anatomy Department at Newcastle University. Later influences were: Peter Doig, Mamma Anderson, and David Hockney. As well as Gustav Klimt in particular his landscape paintings.
Now living at home and working in her small bedroom in the rolling hills North Yorkshire, trying to make life and art work together.

During her studies at Falmouth University she expressed strong feelings for home, memory and the landscapes of Yorkshire and Cornwall in her work. What pervades are the form, construction and staging of Landscape.


– 2013 September ‘Suspended Sentences’, Newlyn, an exhibition based on the work of Simon Armitage. Curated by Jesse Le Roy Smith, Mark Spray and Henry Garfit.
– 2013 June & July Exhibited at The Dye House, Peckham. curated by Jesse Le Roy Smith and Sacha Craddock
– 2013 Exhibited solo show, Archie Browns, Truro.
– 2012 Exhibited at The Poly, Falmouth.
– 2010 Art in the Yards – Public Art Project in Darlington.
– Exhibited, The Arts Centre Darlington


– Shortlisted for the Dover Prize, The Arts Centre, Darlington
– 2010 Shortlisted for RSMA young artist award – Mall Galleries London.


– 2013 Graduated from Falmouth University 2.1
– 2010 Foundation Fine Art Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form, Darlington (Distinction)