Justyna Stoszek

  • Artopia London Justyna Stoszek, Sando Mundo, 2013, acrylic on canvas 200 x 120cm
  • Artopia London Justyna Stoszek, Feathers and Crows, 2013, acrylic on canvas 179x120cm
  • Artopia London Justyna Stoszek, Pine, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 200x120cm
Justyna’s works shimmer with the colours of nature. They possess the power of nature, they smell of humid moss, of tree bark, of all the shades of sweet flowers and bitter herbs. Canvas, paper, acrylic paint and pencil or whatever Nature itself gives her, like soil from the Sierra Nevada mountains, are the simple tools with which Justyna tells us of powers that lurk within each of us. They speak of everything that the current world wants to push to the background and paint over with a series of empty, overdone, clichéd, identical works.

Justyna’s art is mysterious, mystic and unsettling. It moves the heart and isn’t easily forgotten. Her paintings hypnotise us because… they are down to earth. Her precision brings out the meaning of the tale about human beings and the powers that dwell within nature, powers which contemporary people are separated from. Her paintings don’t go with a plastic word. They are a reply to humanity’s backwardness, to the disappearance of respect for Mother Nature. Botanic art resonates differently with each and every one of us, and becomes a talisman for the eventual owner – protecting them from falseness, reminding them who we really are.

Justyna draws her inspiration for creating art that grows beyond its time from her own life. She doesn’t try to fit in with fashionable trends. She talks about what she has experienced so far. She has a sound 10-year arts background and experience, gained first at an art school and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where she surprised the exam board with an unconventional diploma – The Book.

Justyna, a mystic, restless spirit, never ceases on her journey. She keeps learning and growing – apart from paintings and drawings she creates websites and sculptures. She combines the paths of a yogi and a painter in a unique way. She is a disobedient spirit that is not afraid to look into the mirror and challenge herself and others each day. She searches for truth. Everything she does comes together as one – that is who she is and what she creates. Justyna’s seemingly tangled up paths complete one another and become stronger in her final artistic aim.


From 2009 Justyna has been developing her own method of working with the body and emotions called ‘Flow’ – dance, yoga and art. This practice develops every form of creative activity, enabling us to return to the mystical roots of creation, beyond the games of intellect and ambition.

– High School of Arts – diploma in wood carving
– Kraków Academy of Fine Arts – diploma in painting
– After university working as a graphic designer for advertising agencies
– 2003 Yoga teaching training course – Kerala, India
– 2003 Founded the Ananda Yoga Centre
– Business start up: graphic design enterprise ‘I Love Websites’
– Kundalini Yoga teacher training course, Jizera Mountains, Poland